The Benefits of Microneedling

Beauty Woman face Portrait close up The idea of sticking tiny needles into your skin may not sound like much fun, and it certainly may not sound like there would be much benefit to it. However, microneedling is a very popular procedure that can give skin a younger, refreshed look – even more so when it is combined with PRF fillers!

What is microneedling?

Microneedling uses very tiny needles to prick the skin, and although they just break the surface it is enough to create “microinjuries.” The body reacts to these microinjuries by beginning the natural wound healing process, which includes stimulating the growth of new collagen. Collagen is an important protein – it not only helps to keep bones, ligaments, and tendons healthy, it also helps nails, hair, and skin to stay beautiful.

Microneedling can be used to treat skin that has large pores, scar tissue, or acne scars. It can also treat wrinkles and fine lines, and it can improve dull skin.

Zinney Facial Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Center uses Dermapen for microneedling, a tool that has been shown to be effective for people with almost any skin tone. Dermapen is also less harsh on the skin than other cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels. The other benefits of microneedling include that it is minimally invasive and there is no downtime required for recovery. Dermapen is safe and approved by the FDA.

Microneedling is even more effective when paired with PRF. PRF (platelet rich fibrin) fillers are created from your own blood and can stimulate even more collagen to be made. PRF encourages “new” skin to grow, which tightens tissue and makes skin look younger. PRF can also be used with dermal fillers, injectables, and mesotherapy, all of which can be done at your doctor’s office with little downtime. Your doctor can help you decide what combination of procedures would be right for you to meet your cosmetic goals and based on your skin texture and other factors.

Microneedling and PRF can be used to give you brighter, smoother, blemish-free skin. To schedule a microneedling/PRF appointment, call Zinney Facial Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Center in Marble Hill, GA, at 678.717.4969 today!


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